General Questions

We value our relationships with our clients, and want to make sure their special day is all about them – we do our utmost to ensure that nothing detracts from the experience, and therefore do not use our events to market to other clients. We do, however, provide services at public events where people are welcome to check out our incredible record spinning skills.
Our reputation speaks for itself, and we are happy to provide references and invite you to contact them.  Please check out our reviews to get a great idea of how we are able to keep a party exciting and fun!
Absolutely!  We carry excellent insurance to make sure everyone at the party is safe and protected.  All professional DJ’s should carry insurance.
We strive to create a playlist that reflects our clients’ desires and want to be sure the songs we play honor their requests.
We also want to be able to use our well honed crowd reading skills to ensure that all of the guests enjoy the music and the party, keeping the dance floor full and pulsing all night long.
We make a concerted effort to play every special song that our clients want—for their first dance, parent dances, cake cutting, and special events.  We even go the extra mile to download and purchase these songs as a courtesy to our clients if necessary.  We create customized playlists that include the artists and special dance songs that our clients choose.  These songs are then mixed with the party playlist during the evening, reading the crowd and allowing for requests and keeping the party flexible.  This is critical to a great party—the dance floor should be adaptable and versatile so that moments can be surprising and pleasant!

Yes, if you book early, you get me.  These are two other DJ’s that work for Saturn’s 8,  Ross Martin and Matt Heilman.  Both are experienced DJ’s who fill in for me when I am not available for various reasons.  The goal of Saturns 8 DJs is to remain small to keep our quality high.  We do not want to water down our talent pool by expanding too quickly—actually we don’t have designs to get any larger than we are.   It is important to reserve your date early to ensure my personal availability for your occasion.

Yes on both!  The contract is designed to protect us both.  We aim to protect your event and make sure you are comfortable with the terms of the contract.  We have no hidden fees, so no hidden charges as clients know everything in advance of signing the contract.  Let us know if you want to see a sample.  We would be happy to provide a copy!

I have been DJ’ing for 12 years.   I founded Saturns 8 in 2009.   With over 100 weddings to date,  Saturns 8 has a long list of happy customers.  I have DJ’d at most of the venues in the Madison area.
If you let me know what venue you are using, chances are I have worked there before and know the lay of the land.
We also have provided audio for many outdoor races and benefits over the years.  Events include the Haunted Hustle, The 1985k Run, The Saris Gala, The Momma Goose memorial cancer run, and the Couples Triathlon at Governor Nelson State Park.  We have also done benefits for Gilda’s Club and the Verona Night of Hope “kicking cancer” event for the Paul Carbone Cancer Research Center.  We DJ for the annual Verona Cross Country Invitational every fall.
We love to support local charitable causes.  Let us know if you have an event that needs audio support in the effort to raise funds for a noble cause.

No—I focus on one event at a time so I can be our best for that client.  I mostly work at one event per week—and I concentrate all of my effort to make that party the best it can be!

There are many wonderful DJ’s in this city—many are friends and we enjoy learning from each others’ skill and experiences.
The most significant difference is that I am a small company—you hire Saturns 8 and you will either get Andrew Paul as your DJ—or—Ross or Matt on occasion.  We are not so huge that we need to hire inexperienced people to run an event as special as a wedding.
You know who your DJ will be from the get-go.
What also makes us different is that we love to use vinyl.  There are many things to love about records—the sound is one!  I enjoy beat matching with records and capturing a more organic feel and flavor than with just digital music—we still love the digital medium however and that  allows us to select any song imaginable!

Yes. We believe in marriage equality at Saturns 8.

We use our amazing crowd reading abilities and our pre-wedding planning.  We have a conference with our clients before each event to gather information about the songs our clients and their guests will love and we build a set around that style—and BAM!  The floor is filled.  We  crowd read to see what people are moving to and continue to play music that is going to keep them there!  We beat match—which is a great skill to keep a floor active.  We are also pleasant and kind to the guests—allowing them to feel comfortable with us—graciously accepting and playing appropriate requests that match the theme of music the couple has set.

This is why we assign two DJ’s to every event we do.  In the event that something happens to me, Ross or Matt—one of whom will be assigned to the party in advance will take over seamlessly.  They too will then bring an assistant so there is always someone to cover your party.  You will not be without music at a Saturns 8 event—this is because we take the time to plan for that emergency in advance to protect you and your party!

You may be involved as much or as little as you like.    We like to know the tastes of our clients—it helps us to build the dance floor.  Some of our clients love their favorite songs—and know that their friends and family do too—knowing these “trigger” songs makes for an amazing night.  Conversely, they know the songs they do not want to hear, which can be equally as important.
However, often people will rely on us to know the songs that will make the crowd dance.  With over 100 weddings under my belt and the training I receive during the off-season, I know exactly what to play to get the crowd moving.
In short, the question depends on the clients and their guests—we try to weave a playlist that we all think will be best for the audience in attendance.

Graciously, yes.  However, we adhere strictly to our clients “do not play” list and avoid songs that will not match the flavor of the evening. We listen to requests while guiding them in a way that will help the party stay true to the tastes of our clients creating a natural musical flow for the party.  Much of this depends on our clients’ wishes conveyed during the pre-event preparation meetings.

We are always professionally dressed for an event—period.

No—the dance music rolls all night long!

We don’t drink or smoke during events—ever!

Without getting too technical, we use the best in audio gear.  We have learned that you get what you pay for—so we use high end gear like Rane mixers, MacBook Pros, Electro-Voice speakers, and QSC power amplifiers.  We have wireless microphones by Shure and a full audio spectrum graphic equalizer along with a stereo cross-over making the sound clear and powerful without being painfully loud.
Good sound equipment makes for a great dance party.
Additionally, we are versed in DMX (digital) light control.  We can control and set light fixtures to match the mood of the room and the music.  This technology is superior to “beat” matched lights—which really don’t ever stop flashing.  We can control the lighting effects to enhance the dance experience and use all Chauvet lighting fixtures.
We have ample number of light fixtures for use in up-lighting any venue.  The majority of these lights can be used anywhere and can be set for colors of the client’s choice.  These lights are fantastic!  Ask us how they can be used at your venue!

We never do at a wedding.  We do not market ourselves at your party.  If a person requests a card from us—we graciously comply—but at no time during the party do we promote our business.  Your event is your own, and we will do nothing to compromise that.

Yes—I, Andrew Paul Larson own and operate Saturns 8 Entertainment.