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DJ Andrew Paul Larson

DJ Andrew Paul Larson has been spinning tunes in the Madison area for ten years. He was born in LaCrosse and grew up in Madison Wisconsin. Andrew attended college at Madison and earned a degree in history and education. During that time, he played in several successful touring rock bands. He developed a talent for working with musicians and venue owners during this time. By 1996 Andrew slowed down the touring and began a career in teaching high school at Verona Wisconsin—where he still teaches today. Teaching in the High School has taught Andrew how to work with the diverse needs of hundreds of people in a complex setting. He has developed a strong sense of patience and enthusiasm.

By 2001, Andrew embarked on his DJ career creating Isthmus Entertainment. In those days he only used CD’s and a small but functional sound system. Success for the company began as a result of Andrew’s ability to tailor each party to the exact needs of his clients. Isthmus’ business doubled and tripled to where it is today. Andrew has developed hundreds of party plans for diverse clientele. The strand that has connected every party together is Andrew’s hard working attitude, customer empathy, and the knack for keeping the dance floor lively and rocking while remaining patient, kind, and respectful at parties. Andy bristles with distaste at DJ’s that try to “hijack” parties with meaningless dialogue or rude attention getting behaviors. Andy believes the party should revolve around his clients and their guests. Finally, he thinks the music should be the number one concern of the party and should be designed for the specific tastes of the clients—nothing else matters.

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