I have been in the DJ business in Madison WI  for over a decade.   Last night, I had the honor to with a Wedding Planner.  Indeed, what I saw, was flawless implementation of a wedding plan by one of Madison’s best wedding designers, Rachel Tatge, of Top Shelf Weddings & Events.  The first thing engaged couples should consider when hiring a Wedding Planner is how instrumental they will be in helping select your vendors.  Wedding Planners like Rachel know the best of all the professionals in your area.  They will know dozens of excellent photographers, DJ’s, venues (how good the food and service is), and many more!  Planners can help you set up appointments early on easing stress and ambiguity during this critical vendor selection process–they may even save you enough money through their expertise that paying for the service of a wedding planner is justified!

They will also know the subtle differences in quality between vendors–a very useful skill to share indeed.   In addition to helping with the vendor selection, the planner is instrumental in the design of the party.  Their wealth of knowledge will help couples choose colors, implement a time schedule, and most importantly, they strategically implement memorable moments in the party.  Likewise, they help couples create and implement their vision helping to guide them toward the most optimal party experience.  Especially relevant to the discussion is their participation two to three weeks before the party.  A good planner, like Rachel in this case, will field all of the massive amounts of emails and final detail questions posed by the vendors to the couple.  The planner acts a shield to allow the couple to bask in the glow of the pre-party atmosphere.  While the couple’s family is arriving for the party, they have the precious time and space to enjoy the company of their closest loved ones while the planner is carefully implementing the critical details of the party.  More than anything else, this I found to be an amazing part of working with a wedding planner.

Last of all, the good planners will spend the evening with you ensuring that all of the details of the party are flawlessly implemented.  They will work behind the scenes ensuring that all of the vendors will work in concert allowing the couple to experience the party at the most intimate level.  Working with a wedding planner is especially valuable.  Many times, the wedding planning falls on my shoulders as a DJ.  Although I consider myself to be very well organized and efficient. my emphasis is on the music and the light design of the show.  That is where I am expert.  A Wedding Planner is a Field General overseeing every detail of the party right down to the folding of the napkins.  From this we see, that it is both wise and prudent to consider hiring a wedding planner!

DJ Andrew Paul Larson

Saturns 8 Entertainment