Last night we had the privilege of seeing The Weepies kicking off their 2015 tour supporting their new record, “Sirens.”  Deb Talen has made a triumphant return from a battle with  cancer last year.  Deb was in perfect form last night beaming with energy and joy as she and her husband Steve Tannen delivered a set woven with cascading harmonies and indie-folk power.    Steve’s leads and harmonies were right in the pocket– and his emotional energy warmed the room as the duo wove through an amazing set list–which I am pleased to report hit most of the new record–“Sirens,” which  you should get on purple vinyl as soon as you can on their website.   This is a record to hear on vinyl–EVERY song is cool–I can’t believe I am saying that–pinch me now–hard–but this is a complete record.  It is fantastic to report just how cool this experience was last night.

Steve & Deb with an amazing back line.

They were supported by an amazing backline.  Pete Thomas on drums–(on loan from Elvis Costello) Jon Flaugher on Bass( if you ever want to hear what “the groove” is for a bassist –  listen to him), Meg Toohey on lead guitar (what a surprise–she added  frosting to the cake) and Brad Gordon on Keys (Brad laid down a sick horn melody in the set).

Good bands make good records.  Great bands make great records and put together musicians who can layer, harmonize, and craft songs that are unique and have a character of their own.  The Weepies have done this expertly with “Sirens” and with this tour.  This is a home run–and I tip my cap to the Majestic for bringing them to Madison to start their tour off with a bang.

Here was the set list from the show:

1) Gotta Have You

2) Hideaway

3) Be My Thrill

4) My Little Love

5) Ever Said Goodbye

6) Wild Boy

7) Fancy Things

8) Early Morning Riser

9) Same Changes

10) Sirens

11) Crooked Smile

12) River From The Sky

13) Never Let You Down

14) Brand New Pair of Wings

15) World Spins Madly On

16) Nobody Knows Me At All

17) No Trouble

18) Be My Honeypie

19) Painting by Chagall

20) Volunteer

21) Just Blue

22) Somebody Loved

Encore  Sunflower, Can’t Go Back Now *  ( I hope I am correct about the encore–anyone can remind me if I am wrong)

The only disappointment for me was that they did not play “All That I Want,” and I will get over that in a Las Vegas instant as they rocked the house in Madison–in particular, the middle set was incredible.  Songs 7-15 is when they hit their sweet spot.  It was emotional–it was real.

They are on their way to Chicago tonight at Park West–St. Paul Sunday at the Fitzgerald Theater.  Get there Midwesterners and watch out West Coast because they are coming.  They end their tour in Iowa City on July 1st.  Welcome back, Weepies!  We are thrilled to hear from you again.

DJ Andrew Paul Larson

Saturns 8 Entertainment