Recently we had the honor of working at a wedding in Edgerton at Over The Vines.  A sweet country venue with a rustic barn with an amazing vintage look and feel.  Couples will love this venue for many reasons.  First of all, it’s the people.  Ryan and Billie, who run the establishment are extremely hardworking, creative, and fun to be around.  They make clients and guests their top priority.  You can directly observe this in the attention to detail they pay to the service of food, drinks, and construction of the atmosphere.  They work tirelessly to ensure a great party is had by all.  Secondly, the venue itself is unique and remarkable.  The charming barn, wine bar, and grounds are an ideal setting for a party.   People can roam these beautiful grounds during sunset hour and enjoy the beauty of the Wisconsin country side.  It is also awesome for DJ’s as we can create an amazing dance party in the spacious barn which looks out to a grove of sturdy Wisconsin trees–which can be up lighted for a magical effect.  The venue is also awash in vintage accents lending

A great time is had at Over The Vines!  Image thanks to Ueda Photography.
A great time is had at Over The Vines! Image thanks to Ueda Photography.

to it’s  allurement.    Finally, Over The Vines  is a peaceful haven away from the bustle of the city–a peaceful bubble in time that will take a married couple into a world that is free from the distractions of daily life.  A perfect venue if you like getting away from it all–while being close enough to Madison to use a shuttle service for guests who want to enjoy the city life on either end of the party.  When considering your event–why not give Ryan or Billie a call–they are terrific at hosting an amazing party–we are over the moon about Over The Vines!  DJ Andrew Paul, Saturns 8 Entertainment