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Saturns 8 is unique because we are one of the few wedding DJ’s in Madison, Wisconsin that believes in and utilizes vinyl recordings as a medium for mixing at parties.  I, Andrew Paul, the owner and operator of Saturns 8 have been using vinyl throughout the history of the company and intend to keep right on spinning.  Here are some reasons why vinyl is king–and why records are the coolest way to listen to music.

We love the sound and feel of the record.  A lot of people claim they hear “warmth” in a record compared to the music on a cd.   The warmth is attributed to the mastering process where the bass is processed so the needle won’t pop out of the groove in the record–a lot of attention is paid to the recording compression during the mix down giving the record it’s warm feel.  Also, the low level distortion created during the playback on the turntable enhances the “warm” feeling that many describe when they hear records played back.

Many folks also don’t know that records are selling at an incredible pace right now.  Starting in 2010, sales of LP’s began to skyrocket.  Helping this was in part connected to the digital world.  Recording labels started getting hip to the idea that a free digital download included in the sale of the record would allow the purchaser to have the best of both worlds–a record to spin at home and a digital file to drop on their mp3 player.  As I DJ I love it because I can do both too–play them at home and at a party–that is what makes my work a ton of fun!

Records also afford people a tactile experience.  In a world of increasingly digital intangible objects records allow for the sense of feel.  You can touch and smell the record enhancing their authenticity.  In an era where so many things like this blog are held on a microchip somewhere on the internet a record takes a more organic track connecting people to the physical world.

Finally, records help people socialize.  In order to get a record you have to shop at a record store.  Yes, I know you can buy your vinyl on-line, but going to a record store forces individuals to converse about music.   If you are lucky, like we are in Madison, you will have a few good record stores to check out and chat with people about what they are listening to.  Strictly Discs on Monroe Street in Madison is such a cool place to buy vinyl.  I meet people there and chat about bands and artists that I want to hear.  The people at Strictly Discs are amazing because they are friendly and always helpful!

CHALLENGE:  What record is spinning on the table on the right?  Who is the artist?


In conclusion, Saturns 8 loves to spin records.  We use digital music as well, but whenever possible, a good record is worth the spin.  That’s why we dig out our cases and make vinyl turn.  Head on out and get started with your own collection now!  I suggest you start on Monroe Street in Madison WI.